Welcome to CoinCasherTM

Did you know that there is over £600,000,000 of coins saved, stored and hoarded in the UK?

Over half the population save their spare change in some form - money boxes, piggy banks, jam jars...

The challenge of all this coin, or course, if how to use it. Sorting it, counting it, carrying it to the bank or Post Office...

But now there is a more practical alternative - CoinCasherTM from SCAN COIN.

Your coins, counted and sorted and safely stored at a rate of over 600 coins per minute, and leaving you a receipt that's valid for use in store.

CoinCasherTM is a fast, accurate and efficient way to get goods for those coins.

Simply empty your coins into the CoinCasherTM and it will count and sort the coins into a secure vault, leaving you with a receipt that can be redeemed in store (less a small handling fee)

So now all those spare coins can be put to better use - so what's yours worth?